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Landscape Drainage Cincinnati

Do you have recurring problems with water accumulating in particular spots in your yard?

If so, then contact the Cincinnati Drainage System experts today by dialing (513) 476-8621. Our project manager can provide you with a free estimate for installing a drainage system to alleviate your home or business’ chronic water drainage problems.

You can also request a free estimate by submitting our digital quote request form. Click the appropriate option below to access the form:

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We are Personal Touch, a landscaping company that specializes in transforming outdoor spaces (both residential and commercial) into beautiful, functional, and luxurious works of art.

Accomplishing this requires carefully engineered drainage so that your beautiful yard doesn’t wind up becoming a flooded yard.

Besides simply being an eyesore and a nuisance, the regular accumulation of water in concentrated areas can cause very real damage to your yard and even to your house.

For starters, concentrated water flow can lead to soil erosion of the affected area over time. Depending on the location of the flow, this could wash away the soil that would otherwise provide structural integrity beneath concrete slabs of walkways and driveways.

Excess moisture in the ground can lead to oversaturation of the soil around your home or business building, which in turn can lead to moisture seeping into and weakening the foundation.

At first, a bit of moisture seeping into concrete structures doesn’t have much effect. When winter rolls around, however, the moisture in the concrete freezes and expands, causing cracks to form.

Don’t let this happen to your yard any longer. Call us today at (513) 476-8621.

Cincinnati Drainage Contractors – We Can Alleviate Your Water Woes!

The skilled and experienced contractors of Personal Touch Landscaping have what it takes to engineer your yard or outdoor space for proper water drainage so that you can get back to enjoying your property.

Don’t continue living with the constant headache of pooling water and flooded patches of lawn; Contact our team today at (513) 476-8621, or click on the location nearest you listed below to request a quote via our handy online quote form:

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